Original Bergamot Beard Wax


Tidy Beards’ Original Beard Wax is the key scent in our lineup.  Bergamot leads the way in a unique and lightly citrus essential oil blend.  We wanted the scent to be different and widely appreciated. 29/30 people in our focus group picked this scent to be our “Original”.


The organic beeswax adds initial nuttiness to the scent which fades into the unique citrus notes that last deep into the day.

The “Light Hold” we formulated in this product is perfect for adding some style to your beard or mustache before a night out, and is a perfect complement to a daily oil regimen.  This is not a “mustache twirling” strength wax, but provides similar hold and shape to our medium hold balm.

Generally speaking a bearded gentleman will either use an oil/wax combination, or use a balm on it’s own.  For those who normally use oil but once in a while need to tighten up their look, this is the product for them!

This is the only scent we currently use for our wax, but the combination with any of our oils smell great!

Our wax is also whipped, which makes it easier to scoop out exactly the amount you want!

2 oz. tin – 1.5oz net weight ( whipped product )


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