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What is Tidy Beards about?

Tidy Beards is compiling a full line of Certified USDA Organic beardcare products. First to launch will be the beard oil in 3 scent combinations: Vanilla & Whiskey, Cedar & Juniper, and our Original Blend. The Original blend is a unique and complex scent with light citrus notes from the bergamot oils.

Also launching will be our Sweetgrass & Clove natural beard soap that has received rave feedback from all those who have tested!

Next up will be our Beard Balms and a Beard Wax following soon!

Who is behind Tidy Beards?

Adam Diehm, an online marketing expert and consultant, was having a hard time finding beardcare products that were actually organic, and not just making claims. With a long-running desire to create a product from scratch and market it to success for himself, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. A business plan was made and presented to his soon-to-be partner, and mother, Barb Diehm.

Barb is a banking and finance veteran, who has made a name for herself in the Central Michigan area, managing branch operations for a prominent community bank. Barb and Adam had routinely spoken about the potential of working together, as Adam's skillsets and entrepreneurial attitude mixed with Barb's eye for operations and managing risk felt like a great fit. Upon reading the business plan, she knew this was the venture. She can't grow much of a beard, but she handles all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes with accounting / legal / and managing procedures so that Adam can do all the fun work in product development and marketing!

Together, this Mother/Son team are going to help you "Make your Beard a Tidy Beard"!